Eliza has sailed through a weekend of musical performances. On Friday, with orchestra and recorder group at a junior school music competition, where as part of the latter ensemble, she won (as the only entrant, but attaining the mark set by the judges). On Saturday, at her music teacher’s annual concert, she played violin and piano. The first didn’t go quite as she wanted, her chin rest falling off the instrument as she stood up to play. But the piano piece (I know him so well) was performed confidently on a grand piano.


Robin also performed at the junior school music competition, in the choir. In the first class, they achieved the second highest points total, only to be disqualified for singing a piece longer than allowed by the rules. The teacher had to make last minute cuts to their song for the second class, or suffer another disqualification. This upset the choir’s preparation and they weren’t at their best.


One of the features of Gabe’s first year at Grammar School were the large, purple congratulatory postcards from the school for good results, effort or engagement. Over half-way through year two and there haven’t been any – although he continues to perform well. Then his year two duck was broken last week, with a card from his drama-dance teacher praising Gabe for his preparation several weeks ago for the piece he participated in the school play – Singing in the Rain. Gabe had not encouraged L or me to see it and when L tried to get tickets they were sold out, so we never got to see this performance. Gabe didn’t really understand why he’d been sent the postcard and was unclear what it was about his preparation for the play that was being celebrated.


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  1. […] Eliza was away, Robin took his turn playing at the music teacher’s concert (Gabe and Eliza had preceded him in earlier years). He played his two short piano pieces calmly and […]


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