Walking to school one morning this week, L pointed out to Eliza that the only house on our street without a porch was our own. This delighted Eliza as she walked past the houses spotting the various porch designs.

Later that afternoon, L walked Eliza, Robin and his friend H home from school. On our street, Robin explained to H, with great sincerity, that only his house didn’t have a porch.


A phone call late on Friday evening: ‘Would Gabe be able to play for the Saturday 3rds?’ Gabe nodded his interest and so the next day he made his senior cricket debut – a little over a week short of his 13th birthday. He came into bat at the end of his team’s innings and faced the opposition’s fast bowler. He got off the mark with a clip to the legside, ran some extras hard and was run out off the final ball. In the field, he was given four overs, bowling well, if a little short. He enjoyed the experience but wished he could have contributed more.


Watching Gabe’s game, a stray Staffordshire bull terrier ran onto the ground. It charged around looking for a game. Robin cowered close to some adults. On one of its circuits the dog ran close to Robin, seemed to be trying to get past, but collided with his leg. Robin cried, I assumed out of fear and I took him into the pavilion. But his leg was sore and I iced it when we went home. It stayed painful the following day. Robin sat out a football party and was barely straightening the leg or putting weight on it. After a day at school, L took him to the minor injuries clinic, where a strained knee tendon was diagnosed. Two days later and the leg was fully operational again.


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