Eagles fly


Gabe flew this afternoon to Utrecht with his football team. 13 boys and four adults, none from his family. This short flight has been the cause of enormous anxiety for Gabe for weeks. The lost Malaysian airliner, being sick while flying have spiralled around countless conversations. It was almost a relief when the club ordered him a track suit for the trip that is far too large, as it introduced something else for him to obsess about. We don’t know if he kept himself together on the plane, but there’s been nothing on the Facebook page for the tour that would suggest otherwise. We will know in six days and one more flight’s time.


His older brother’s Friday night cricket commitments created a vacant slot for a piano lesson. Robin snatched it up eagerly. He’s had one lesson, where he explained he learnt to play ‘pieces’, and left as enthusiastic as he had arrived.


The results of Eliza’s mock eleven plus are in. Her aggregate score was in the top quartile of the 300+ participants. Her English mark was the top score achieved on that particular test. Non-verbal reasoning appears to be the discipline at which she needs most practice before the real thing in September.


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