Packed schedule


Eliza has had an exhausting week of music, sport and school commitments. Monday: cricket practice. Tuesday: early morning orchestra, gymnastics. Wednesday: open evening visit to potential future secondary school, gymnastics grade exam. Thursday: early morning orchestra, school concert (1st violin and recorder group). Friday: piano lesson. All week, she has also been doing end of year tests in school. She comes out of the week with a pass on her gymnastics exam and a successful concert.


Robin has been accruing cricket achievements. Two wickets in two balls and three in an over. Four run outs in an innings. Dearest to me was the simple fact of appearing in a match with Eliza and opening the batting together.


Gabe has been viewing the World Cup intermittently. The TV has been on and he’s in the room. But his attention has been divided across devices (I do the same, too). His new tablet is in front of his face, on snapchat or a game. It is pulled away to take in action replays or live action when the commentator’s voice, crowd noise or something else draws his attention.


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