Guinea pigs and going out

Eliza and Robin

Their campaign has succeeded. Two guinea pigs – Dandelion and Mr Skittles (who is blind in one eye) – have come to live with us. ‘Rescued’ from a local family whose daughters had lost interest, they are healthy two year old creatures, removing some of the risk of premature demise. The pets sit contentedly on the kids’ laps, more serene than the skittish guinea pigs I have known. And each morning (although just six, so far) Eliza and Robin have let themselves out of the back door before breakfast to feed, stroke and check on their new pets. One morning Robin reported that they were fighting. This is the behaviour their previous owner warned us about and that has led L to name their home, ‘Brokeback Hutch’.


The last two Sundays, Gabe has gone out with his friend J and two girls, whose names came up for the first time earlier in the month, when they held a joint birthday party. Gabe and J have caught a lift or a tram to meet the girls, go to the cinema, their homes and a cafĂ©, spending the afternoon and early evening together. A Facebook post from J announced that Gabe was “officially going out” with one of the girls. Just a joke, Gabe explained. But he is officially going out like a teenager and when he’s not he’s officially on snapchat and Facebook like a teenager.


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