Beach trip

With the hot weather forecast to move on, I proposed to Robin and Eliza a trip to the beach. To Gabe, I presented it as a fait accompli, knowing that he would argue against it, but that once we were there, he would enjoy it as much as the others.

Eliza and Robin ran across the Ainsdale sands to the water, found it warm and stripped off. They barely stayed still long enough for me to cover their exposed bodies with factor 50. We paddled up to our knees. They skipped over waves, searched for shells and fish. They dried off and dug a hole. We played beach cricket. Then a mini-Olympics, with standing and running long jump, sprints and limbo. After a snack, we tried to fly my kite.. and failed.

Barring a short essay at beach cricket, abandoned because of the unpredictability of the ball’s bounce, Gabe remained in the car, on his tablet: a picture of teenage disaffection.


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