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Eliza’s autumn of faultless examinations continues. She achieved a distinction in her grade 2 piano. We met her music teacher outside school. She was more excited than Eliza and went through each of her marks, repeating that Eliza had scored 30/30 for her first piece.


Gabe dropped out of county advanced cricket nets. He went to two of the first three weeks, both times needing persuasion. After a long chat, I accepted that if he wasn’t enjoying it he need not go. Gabe had disliked being so young and small in a group of 13-18 year olds and not having anyone he knew in his net. I spoke to one of the county coaches, who confirmed it was a very advanced group with several county under 18s and one on the elite pathway. He agreed it was better to quit than continue unhappily and hoped Gabe would return at some point on a future course.


Robin has played two evenings of indoor cricket matches in recent weeks. I cannot account for the sudden development in his batting. As recently as September, I was under-arming balls to him in the club nets; he would swipe, miss or edge, and end up on the ground. Gentle prompts to swing with a straight bat were not well received and so I left him to thrust and mow.

Now, though, suddenly, he is playing drives with a clean straight swing and transfer of weight to his front foot. The explanations he’s offered are that he has concentrated on batting as his bowling hasn’t been as good as before and that he’s watched cricket on TV. Neither convince me, but whatever the influence, it has worked.