Several days of Christmas

Spending Christmas in London meant present opening had to be planned. We couldn’t take all the presents with us in the car, so the options were to open them when we got back on 29 December, before we left on Christmas Eve, or both with a few, choice presents taken to London with us (along with the stockings).

Early on Christmas Eve, we gathered in the living room to open presents. L and I were given our presents to open first. Mine included chocolate covered nuts from Eliza and Gabe, a portrait of Eliza and me drawn by Eliza and a winter hat from Robin to go with the straw hat he bought me two birthdays ago.

Just over 24 hours later, 200 miles south, stockings and then presents from uncle and aunt were opened.

The kids’ highlights of the four days in Richmond were the games (cards, iphone ‘who am I?’, living room catch and FIFA) played with the older cousins.


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