Gabe’s questioning has recently veered towards a particular and new topic: verb tenses. Sometimes he wants to know how a tense is constructed in French, other times it’s to understand what it is in English. “How do you make the pluperfect in French?”. “What’s the future conditional in English?” French classes at school have prompted this curiosity, not just about the foreign language, but his own as well. L and I are learning for a second time.


Sitting with Robin as he watched the end of a familiar movie, he suddenly hid his face from the screen and began groaning. “Kissing. Yuck” he complained. I asked why he objected and didn’t he like Mummy kissing him. Hugging, ‘yes’ he replied, but not kissing.


Struck by a bug or dodgy food, Eliza had a restless night that culminated in her being sick. It wiped her out for the whole of the last weekend before school term restarted – stomach pains, temperature and fatigue. She faces missing the first day back at school, which would be the first day she has missed at junior school after three years and one term.


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