School residential


From Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, Eliza was away from home at an outdoor activity centre with her school year. L monitored the school Twitter account for updates, but we knew little until Eliza returned. It had been amazing – one boy cried, he was so upset to leave. Climbing (at which Eliza told us she excelled), canoes, obstacle courses, swings were all part of the schedule. Breakfasts of bacon were particularly enjoyed by Eliza. She seemed most proud, though, that she had been the last to go to sleep both nights in her dormitory and one of the first to awake. 


While Eliza was away, Robin took his turn playing at the music teacher’s concert (Gabe and Eliza had preceded him in earlier years). He played his two short piano pieces calmly and precisely.


Gabe’s twin passions of his mobile phone and FIFA video game have come together in a YouTube channel that features an Estuary English drawling man commentating his way through matches and the assembling of teams. Gabe wanders the house with his attention focused on his phone and a man talking about a simulated football game. 


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