3 Finals, 2 extra-times and 1 penalty shoot-out


Gabe’s football season ended with three finals – two with school and one with his club. The first was entirely one-sided affair in all respects except the score. Despite oodles of possession and pressure his side couldn’t conjure a goal. Mid way through the second half, the opposition broke away and took the lead. There was an equaliser and then two periods of extra time when both sides struggled with fatigue. Onto penalties, and Gabe was one of the cool-headed players, tucking his penalty away to the keeper’s right, to contribute to a 5-4 victory. 

A week later, Gabe played in school finals on the Monday and Friday – both at Man United’s training ground. The first was a comfortable victory. The second saw Gabe’s school go 3-0 behind in the first 10 minutes; then 4-3 up at half-time; 4-4 at full time, with his school getting the winner three minutes from the end of extra time. 

Gabe has won every game of football he has played this season. 


Robin played three cricket matches in six days, including his hard-ball debut. He managed the distinction of taking wickets for three different age group teams in one week. He has decided that hard-ball cricket is the way to go. 


Eliza and L have an act, based on a Little Britain sketch where a shopkeeper shouts up the stairs to his wife whenever a customer asks a question. “Margaret” he shouts shrilly, and she responds in a similar high pitch. And this is exactly how L and Eliza negotiate any downstairs to upstairs communication. Eliza doesn’t need to put on an act to get the squeaky high pitch response. 


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