Over the years, L & I have called on friends (other Mums), teenage girls and visiting family members to babysit the kids while we have an evening out. The teenage girls have now either gone to university or have busy lives of their own to lead on a Friday or Saturday night. But when they have been available, it has begun to seem inappropriate and embarrassing for Gabe to be babysat by someone he may see in the school yard. 

We have just started a new era, where Gabe is in charge. For the first evening, L & I were having dinner five minutes drive away. A few weeks later, we had an anniversary meal in a restaurant 15 minutes taxi ride away. Our concerns were two-fold: 1) what if Gabe were spooked by a noise, or someone knocking at the door? 2) what would happen if Eliza and Robin defied his authority, or needled him as they often do. Neither of those situations occurred. When we got home, Eliza and Robin were in bed asleep and Gabe untroubled watching TV. 

We asked Eliza the next morning how things had been. “Fine” she said. Gabe had stayed in his room on his X-box while she and Robin watched TV. He had come downstairs once to ask if they were ok, then went back upstairs again. A very relaxed babysitter. 


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