Referee (in training)


As part of his PE GCSE, Gabe has been doing a refereeing course. Three whole weekend days – one forcing him to miss a club football match. The draw, as well fulfilling his course, is the prospect of money: £15 per game refereed. His view on the course, though, is uncomplimentary. Slow, boring, obvious has been his assessment. Having watched about an hour of the instruction, I sympathise. They seemed to be spending that amount of time practising shaking hands with the captains and tossing the coin. Later on, Gabe got to do some practice match refereeing. He reports that he did well, but couldn’t blow his whistle properly – at the right times, he clarified, just not blown properly. He has to complete five observed matches, before his qualification is complete. 


Eliza has had two trips away from home in the space of a week. Firstly, the final days of her first half-term at grammar school was spent on a residential course in North Wales. Two days and nights with new friends didn’t faze her. She enjoyed the outdoor activities, the evening games and the dorm room chat. 

The highlight of her half-term holiday was an overnight trip to Blackpool for her friend E’s birthday. Fish and chips, roller-coaster, the illuminations, hotel swimming pool all featured, but having three beds to choose from in the hotel room was appreciated the most. 


Robin completed a six week Cheshire cricket coaching course. He has picked up and retained technique tips that might have been offered at the club but tend to drift by in the noise there. He is particularly pleased with understanding how to grip the ball and flex his wrist to bowl faster. The coaches nominated him for the advanced course that follows, but Robin didn’t feel the need for another course. 


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