L, Gabe & went to the cinema on Saturday night. It is an old picture house recently re-opened after refurbishment, featuring crushed velvet upholstered seats, sofas and bar refreshments. The film was Macbeth, Gabe’s GCSE Shakespeare text. During the film, he whispered from time-to-time with L. At the end he was effusive – highlighting the delivery of Macbeth’s soliloquies, changes in location of scenes compared to the play, scenes cut from the film version, as well as maintaining with L an intellectually impressive discussion of the film’s broader meaning. 


Three years ago, we had to manage a situation at a sleep-over where Gabe’s friends were going to be playing the 16 rated video game, Call of Duty. It’s a problem that has recurred as most of his friends are allowed to play that and similar games, while L and I have not dropped our opposition. Now Robin, two years younger than Gabe when we first faced this issue, reports that the boys at an afternoon party he attended were playing Call of Duty. He avoided it, he explained to me, giving the sense that he understood it was not something he should be seeing. 


For all Eliza’s impressive academic record and progress, her lack of general knowledge is exposed by the wider curriculum of secondary school. For RE she had to learn for six major religions, the founder, the holy book, what adherents are called and the name of the place they worship. Had Eliza had some inter-faith responsibility, she could cause great offence, mixing up Sikhism with Judaism and Buddhism. 


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