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Work experience


Gabe spent the final four days of his fourth year at secondary school back at his old junior school. When, months ago, the requirement to complete work experience was communicated, he quickly dismissed working with Lou or me – both jobs too boring – and settled, in the absence of any career calling, for his old school.

He has enjoyed the experience to a degree that surprised me. The week began with him refereeing a grudge football match between two classes. He spent a couple of days in Robin’s class. Most challenging for him was a day in the class for kids with special needs. He found it frustrating that their learning of the most simple things was so slow. But, he conceded, they were cute – wanting his reassurance.

Gabe even returned to the school on Friday for the leavers’ assembly. L saw him singing the leavers’ song, which he explained away as because he had helped them learn it.


At leavers’ assembly, the year 5 pupils were given their job roles for next year. Robin was made captain of one of the school houses, the second most prestigious role after head boy, but far less desirable to Robin than football captain. Later in the day, Robin was told that he had an additional role – deputy head boy – on stand-by should the head boy be away.


We took Robin to Eliza and Gabe’s school for the open evening. Eliza took part in a drama performance, while we went on a tour. First we went to Eliza’s form room and recognised her French teacher. I introduced myself to him. There followed a five minute encomium to Eliza – the sharpest of his students, for whom he has plans: that she will do A level French. Later in the evening, in the English department, we met Eliza’s English teacher who explained that she had moved Eliza to the front of the class to keep her company. She praised Eliza’s understanding of literature and also pitched for Eliza to, in five years time, opt for her A level.