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Minor no more


Gabe’s 18th birthday passed quietly. L and I had talked about having a party – for his friends, family and those of our friends who have known him well. Gabe could not be convinced and was short-tempered when finally dismissing the idea.

And so we had pizza at home. ‘How about going out for a pint?’ I suggested. ‘No thanks. There’ll be plenty of time for that after exams,’ replied the responsible adult.


Amongst Robin’s dislikes is wearing socks in the house. The need to jettison them happens fairly randomly, but if there is a pattern it focuses on the living room, where odd socks can often be found pushed down the sides of the armchair.


A full social life, regular weekend work, gym twice weekly – these are the things I associate with Eliza. I was surprised then how glowing her teachers’ comments were at parents evening. The competition for her to take their subjects at A Level is already hotting up.

When, I asked her, are you doing your school work? In her bedroom, she replied, in the evening – presumably quite late.