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Silver no more


Robin’s gerbil, Silver, fell ill and died in the space of one day this half-term holiday. Robin held him at the vet’s as death took hold. L described him as looking like McNulty when Kima was shot on The Wire. Of our three gerbils, only Romano lives.


Gabe is a dedicated TV watcher. Evenings, when the other two are in bed, are his perk. He’s inquisitive and sometimes has to be stopped from viewing unsuitable programmes. He walks the line with Top Gear, Stop the Week. Yet, the programme he chooses to watch most often is an animated children’s programme, Arthur. Its eponymous hero is an anthropomorphic aardvark. Similarly, all his friends, teachers and neighbours have animal heads on human bodies. The story-lines are ethical plays about children coping with each other, with difference and with challenges. It’s wholesome and so is Gabe’s attachment to it.


I saw the last 20 minutes of Eliza’s gymnastics session. In that time she did around 20 practice back-flicks and another 20 jump-start cartwheels. But, no, she assured me later, she wasn’t dizzy.