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Eliza has graduated from Rainbows to Brownies. Four weeks in and she is still in mufti, awaiting her chance to take the Brownie pledge. She’s learnt the words that require ‘allegiance to my God and the Queen’, and reads the Brownie introduction book in bed at night. There seem to be more games and less craft than Rainbows and Eliza has already experienced a Brownie disco. She has called one of the leaders ‘Evil Owl’ – not an abusive elder, but a mispronounciation of Eagle Owl.


L met Robin’s teacher for a de-brief on his first two terms of school. All is going well and he appears bright, active and happy.  L was shown a letter that Robin wrote at the teacher’s suggestion when two balls were kicked into a neighbours garden. He managed a ‘sorry’ and some faltering explanation of balls over the fence. His first literary production.


Over a week of constipation and paranoia about not going to the loo ended with a medication assisted trip to the toilet. Gabe reported that he had ‘the sorest but happiest bum in the world.’