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Gabe and Eliza had reached stalemate, vetoing each other’s wishes for how we could spend the afternoon while Robin was at a party. From one, quickly supported by the other, came the idea of cooking: a bake-off, like on television. They consulted recipe books, chose different sweets and drew up a shopping list. I was to decide the winner, and the thing I wasn’t allowed to do was call it a draw.

The baking took hours as they struggled with cracking eggs, chopping chocolate and whisking, while I only participated when heat or sharp knives were involved. The floor and kitchen surfaces were covered with detritus from the chocolate chip cookie and chocolate brownie making. The spoils came out of the oven while they had tea. I marked them on independence, clearing up and taste. Gabe’s brownies won by a single point.


Robin, perhaps returning to school after the Easter holidays, has shown a little more vulnerability than usual. A couple of nights he became upset, saying he couldn’t fall asleep and that his mouth was too small to yawn, which he showed with a fish-like gulp at the air. Another night, a book he had read with L about Planet Earth had made him fear falling off and into space. And in the playground in the morning he has clung to L or me, resisting the entry to his classroom.