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(W)rapping paper

Eliza and Robin

Walking in the door this evening, Eliza and Robin ran to meet me, squawking at me to listen to them. Each had written a rap, which they read with the exaggerated diction of that idiom. Robin went on to write a second rap, which he rolled and sealed (with sellotape), to make a scroll. It was about how great his Mummy is and is to be give to her tomorrow as a birthday present.

And L’s birthday is the unlikely cause of this outbreak of urban expression. Eliza explained that the raps came from her telling Robin that they needed to wrap L’s presents. And with pleasing closure, one of Robin’s raps has been wrapped as a present for L.


Gabe reads books by the series and then takes long breaks from novel reading denying there can be anything else he would want to read. Since Christmas, he has completed the Michael Hardcastle books about junior football talent Mark Fox. He is now nearly through the Narnia series, held up by his having borrowed the final book from the library but not the penultimate volume. He first tasted CS Lewis’ work five years ago, when a condensed version of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came with a cereal packet. It made an impression on him and so he was happy to launch into the series, which he has assessed to be good, but uneven, with Voyage of the Dawntreader the least interesting.