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You’ll never walk alone


Gabe’s school choir sang at the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival at St George’s Hall. As the choir from Manchester, their competitors came from across Merseyside. They were amongst the last to sing in the first class, with a high standard set. But the harmonies and crispness of their singing set them apart. An audience of partisan (Scouse) parents was moved by ‘You’ll never walk alone’, with L and the other Mums of the kids shedding tears. They were awarded a joint gold medal. In the second class, for hymns, their richness of their singing lifted them high above their competitors. They won a second gold – outright.

Back at school, the choir were met by their classmates, who made them a guard of honour to progress through. Gabe was proud and delighted. He admitted to nerves and fearing forgetting the words when up on stage. I hope he can remember the occasion and the delight of being part of such a beautiful, controlled musical performance.


Eliza’s second parents’ evening of the school year confirmed that she is making good academic progress. The most touching comment was that several times she has gone up to her teacher, looking forlorn, and asked for her Mummy.


Robin roamed the garden in the spring sunshine. He walked up to his baby tricycle and gave it a push. He kicked the plastic basket behind the seat, cracking it and then with another kick broke it and then walked away. L and I were watching. I asked him later how it had been broken. He didn’t own up to it.