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Anniversary weekend


Heading south by car to Nan and Grandad’s on Friday, Eliza occupied herself by:

  • playing the successive initials game (i.e. naming someone whose initials are AB, BC, CD, etc)
  • doing her homework, which happened to be familiarising herself with the songs for her Easter concert – which she did by singing them over and over again
  • making up her own song about a fox who pounced and a rabbit who bounced.

At Nan and Grandad’s, she became cousin S’s playmate. This involved writing numbers, names, drawing animals and a game of hunt the peg.


Gabe spent Friday and Saturday coolly telling people how much he was looking forward to his cup final on Sunday morning. Something switched on Saturday evening when all the signs of anxiety struck. A bad night’s sleep was followed by a grumpy, upset and downbeat journey back to the football match. But on the pitch he regained his cool – not only playing well, but with a smile, throughout the tense final. He hit the post in extra-time before his team conceded two late goals and lost 3-1.


We stayed at the sausage dog B&B. Last time, Robin had fled the little dogs. His canine-phobia is little diminished, but the low-slung beasts fascinated him and made him anxious at the same time. A door remained between him and them for the whole visit.