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    Gabe and Robin

Gabe and, to a lesser degree, Robin, shaped our Northumberland holiday around their favourite activities. There was Olympic action to watch on TV from 9am to however late they conned L and I to let them stay up to. There was a walled garden (‘no ball games’ said the instructions) for football, as well as wide, flat beaches. The standard and intensity was lifted even higher for the two days that cousin D joined us.

The one activity they threw themselves into which wasn’t from the normal range of preferences was a boat trip to the Farne Islands. We spotted seals, initially with difficulty and then when we landed beside a lighthouse, four or more bobbed around the rocks we stood on. Puffins were the choicest seabirds of the many seen flying, floating or standing on rocks.


Eliza adapted more readily to her environment. She made long daisy chains and hunted for bum shaped leaves in our garden. She collected shells and made sandcastles on the beaches. She recruited Robin to imaginary games, roller-blading and mini-Olympics in and around our holiday home and garden.