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Sandy is Eliza’s new hamster, received as a seventh birthday present. Eliza is charmed by having him and is counting the hours, often frustratedly, until she is allowed to hold him – 4 days after coming to live with us to give him time to settle down. In the meantime, Sandy is shy, spending daylight hours buried under a shield of fluffy bedding and sawdust that he has piled on top of his bedding.

The day before Sandy was chosen, Eliza had a trampoline party at a local leisure centre. She and eight friends bounced and played games on trampolines under the instruction of a team of three gymnasts.


Robin’s popularity with his siblings’ older friends was obvious at the party. He managed to win musical chairs and was held aloft on the shoulders of Eliza’s guests and carried across the room.

Within hours of Sandy’s arrival, Robin showed why hamsters are unsuitable pets for four year olds. L found Robin trying to rouse Sandy from his nest by tooting a party blower into the cage.


Ahead of Eliza’s birthday, L discussed with Gabe the idea of his younger sister having a hamster. She won him over by pointing out that he would be able to play with the hamster, but not be responsible for cleaning out the cage. She also conceded that he could have a hamster for his next birthday. Gabe managed to keep the secret and was given the honour of breaking the good news to Eliza on our way out of the house to the petshop.