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Back in the saddle

Robin had been the keenest cyclist, but his road tumble meant that all three have stayed off their bikes for months.

But there’s been an upsurge of biking interest. First we went to the local woods by bike. There the kids held races along the path, ploughing through mud, sending it squirting it up their backs. Robin was flagged for dangerous riding several times as his weaving stopped him being overtaken.

Then they rode down the wooded slopes where they have tobogganed in the snow. Over jumps and after a few falls, challenged to go down one slope and back up the other side.

The following weekend we tried geocaching by bike. We found our first treasure, but the next two foiled us, despite concerted hunting. Between caches and when the thrill of the hunt faded, they raced each other and shrieked.

Gabe’s bike day at school had prompted the revival. The school letter included the line that children are advised to wheel their bikes to school. L or I mentioned this to Gabe, as it had amused us. We should have known better. For most of the 1km journey to school, Gabe pushed his bike, anxious not to contravene the advice.