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Little Chef


Robin was at a loose end. The weather was wet. Football in the park in the morning hadn’t absorbed enough energy. “Read to Mummy while she’s making tea,” I suggested to no great approval.

Half-an-hour later, and he was standing on a chair at the stove, stirring the ‘rosetta’ (risotto) with a fixed stare and holding L’s hand. He had turned from reluctant assistant to insisting to be allowed to do everything. Over the meal, he announced that he would be making Sunday’s tea as well. And he did: vegetable pasta bake. He even got to slice the cauliflower (under close supervision). This time, he ate some of his creation.


Eliza got out of bed and found me in Gabe’s room. Hiccups were stopping her from sleeping. I suggested she hold her breath. Tried, but hadn’t worked, she explained. “Well,” I said quietly “some people say you can get rid of hiccups if you get a FRIGHT!!!!” raising my arms and pretending to lunge at her. “Why did you do that?” she squealed. Then, after a few seconds: “I’ve stopped hiccupping.”


Two weeks from the end of the Advanced coaching course run by Cheshire Cricket Board, I received an email to confirm that Gabe was invited to join the North District squad for a further ten weeks of coaching. Gabe was surprised and pleased, though did acknowledge that his batting was improving with the advanced course and his bowling was faster.