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Scouted and sprouted


At Robin’s midweek football practice, a man I didn’t know introduced himself and addressed me by my first name. He was the scout from Burnley FC that I had been told had asked about Robin. The scout invited Robin to the club’s development centre, to play and see what he and I think of it. And so we shall.

At about the same time, L was speaking to Robin’s teacher at parent’s evening. According to their testing, Robin’s reading age has improved by 18 months in six weeks and is now nearly two years above his physical age. There were many other compliments towards his ability and attitude.


Eliza has adapted the pocket animal game she plays with Robin into a version of Top Trumps as each animal is assessed on criteria such as running, smell and ‘indangered’. With Robin, she made up the numbers as they went along. She then created little cards, with sketches of the animals and their scores, which we played with at Robin’s football practice.


Out in town, L suggested to Gabe that he could do some research on the Eurocamp website for a holiday next year in Italy. The idea grabbed him and he nagged to go home immediately to start. When back at home, he reviewed seven camps in the region that interests us, recording their features and made his recommendations.