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Singing in the rain

Eliza and Robin

Once Infant pals, otter pups, these two spend less time together as one is drawn to football and the other to nail varnish and hair styles. But occasionally the sibling chemistry sizzles.

After school today, they were bubbly and hyper. In the wet garden, Robin demonstrated how he had sung and danced in the rain at school. Eliza joined in and soon they had choreographed moves to Singing in the Rain. I joined them under the dripping silver birch where we danced and sang until Eliza wanted to go somewhere dry where she could do the splits. They continued with a dance competition in the living room to Another One Bites the Dust. For the first time in ages they had a bath together, singing to their chosen YouTube videos.


Gabe recently had a burst of interest in my blog and found Touchline Dad. He complimented me on it. At the weekend he asked me to help him set up his own blog. First titled ‘Goals ‘n’ balls’ it will comprise reports of his matches and debates about sports issues. We set it up together, he published the first post and the blog is renamed ‘NO BALL GAMES’.


On the pitch and in your pocket


Robin’s football grows from strength to strength. He tackles keenly, strongly and effectively. He dribbles fast, he shoots hard. Most impressive to me is his presence: without neglecting his position, he manages to burst into play wherever it happens on the pitch. Other parents are noticing too. On three occasions I’ve been asked if he’s been scouted by one of the premier league’s teams in the north-west.


I have the pleasure of knowing both sides of Robin – the forceful, physical footballer and the gentle, playful younger brother. Eliza and Robin disappear for long stretches to play with their collection of thumb sized ‘in your pocket’ creatures. They create stories for these animals, all the while binding themselves closer as siblings and playmates.


Gabe’s start to the football season had been impressive, too. Note was taken at his new school, where he made the starting XI for the first match of the season. And he must have made a positive impression on his classmates too, as he has been elected class representative.