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I like coffee, I like tea


For years, Gabe would only drink water. As a young teen, he began to drink coke – initially in the same manner that I would drink brandy – with little sips because of its overwhelming flavour. Now, at 17, he is venturing into caffeine-rich hot drinks. He wants to drink them as much because it’s time he did so, as because he wants the hit of caffeine, and certainly not because he likes the flavour. He had to be shown how to make cups of tea and coffee (GCSE Food Tech presumably passed over this essential kitchen knowledge). Each morning he blows and sips impatiently at his too hot, hot drink.


Robin has regained his appetite for playing football. Last season tailed off, with him frustrated and visibly lacking in the fitness to make an impact on matches. Since September, he has been playing two matches most weekends – one for his main team and one for the club’s second team. His stamina has recovered and he has scored and set-up goals. He is running and working hard and receiving rewards for his efforts.


Much of the time, Eliza is impatient and tending towards rude in the company of the rest of us. The days of indulging Robin’s presence are long gone. She and Gabe may only occasionally suspend low level hostilities to exchange a word about a band. But there remain some times when the teen armour comes off. Several nights each week, Eliza and L lie in bed together watching a programme on L’s lap-top: Strictly, Doctors, Call the Midwife. And twice a week, one of us collects her from gymnastics and she bubbles, chats and jokes in the car home.



Rantin’, Rovin’ Robin


Robin’s birthday weekend coincided with an FA Cup tie between Manchester City and Watford. The underdogs were ahead 0-2 at half-time and Robin looked crushed. A rousing comeback from City and tea at McDonald’s provided the birthday boost.

On his birthday, Robin took calls from both sets of grandparents. Twice, in response to wishes of ‘Many happy returns!’ Robin responded, “Many happy returns!” to derision from siblings.

This post’s title is shared with that of a Burns poem, which came with the card from Grandma and Grandpa.


Eliza came to her first football match. She brought her copy of Little Women, although that wasn’t in anticipation of boredom, but because L was taking photos of her for a school project, ‘Dangerous Reading’ – i.e. reading in unlikely places.

Eliza said she enjoyed the match and was on the edge of her seat – which accounted for why she didn’t see any of the six goals as everyone else was standing up while she sat down.


Gabe’s TV preferences remain headed by football and other sport. The cartoon, Arthur, seems to be giving way (although he’ll watch it with the other two). Game shows are popular and rising favourites seem to be Escape to the Country and a soap opera about schools.


    Gabe and Robin

Gabe and, to a lesser degree, Robin, shaped our Northumberland holiday around their favourite activities. There was Olympic action to watch on TV from 9am to however late they conned L and I to let them stay up to. There was a walled garden (‘no ball games’ said the instructions) for football, as well as wide, flat beaches. The standard and intensity was lifted even higher for the two days that cousin D joined us.

The one activity they threw themselves into which wasn’t from the normal range of preferences was a boat trip to the Farne Islands. We spotted seals, initially with difficulty and then when we landed beside a lighthouse, four or more bobbed around the rocks we stood on. Puffins were the choicest seabirds of the many seen flying, floating or standing on rocks.


Eliza adapted more readily to her environment. She made long daisy chains and hunted for bum shaped leaves in our garden. She collected shells and made sandcastles on the beaches. She recruited Robin to imaginary games, roller-blading and mini-Olympics in and around our holiday home and garden.