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Hot chocolate with head-teacher


Recognising his engagement and participation in class, Robin has been invited to share a cup of hot chocolate with his head-teacher. Lessons are an aspect of school that Robin seems most at ease with. He has found the early weeks, lacking any close friends, quite tough and has often been unhappy at the end of the day or in the morning before school. Before the summer, he was keen to go on the school residential trip in October. Now, he has asked to be taken off it. The call to the head-teacher’s office may provide a welcome boost, though it’s the call up to the football team that would probably mean more.


Barely four months after becoming an owner of a record-player, Gabe has decided to upgrade his audio equipment. Using money from the sale of his games console, he has bought an amplifier (he considered getting the same model that I had bought in 1986 and sold three years ago) and is now looking at a better model of turntable. While this equipment procurement takes place, he has taken a 30 day self-denying vow not to listen to any Beatles music – he’s worried he will stop liking it if he plays it too often.


Eliza has reached the second phase of her orthodontist treatment. In addition to the braces, she has plates for her upper and lower jaw, designed to correct her over-bite. These plates were very uncomfortable to begin with and continue to affect her speech, as well as altering the shape of her face.

30 day challenge

Eliza has joined L and me on (so far) two 30 day challenges with escalating physical demands. First, we did ‘abs and squats’ and now we’re attempting an arm strength challenge. We get together in the evening for that day’s exercise. Eliza goes first, so she can finish first. She does the exercises frenetically, pitching her torso up and down with sit-ups, not with the control I would expect of her as a gymnast. The fourth and final daily arm exercise is shadow boxing. Eliza thrashes her arms, getting quite uppity at the futility of the exercise and liking one of us to hold a pillow that she can flail at. 

Robin has played in his second cup final of the year, this time representing school. His team won all six matches, barely conceding a goal and with Robin leading scorer with 11. He has, I’m told, impressed playing alongside his friend and Man Utd academy player, Big L. 

The Beatles continue to be Gabe’s favourite band – to listen to and to play on the piano (Lady Madonna, at the moment). But he’s allowing other long defunct groups into his listening repertoire: Bowie, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones and most surprisingly, the Smiths. He’s interested in which songs L and I like, encouraging us to add them to Spotify playlists (the subscription for which he convinced us to buy). He’ll listen to our choices, but hand down his own judgement on the correctness of our taste. 

Flight time birthday


As a birthday treat, we took Robin to the Trafford Park free-fall centre. Twice, for 60 seconds, he stepped into a wind tower, assisted by an instructor and was suspended in the air as if he had jumped from an aeroplane thousands of feet above the ground. He was fearless and enthralled.

Two days later, for his party, he was again airborne. This time at JumpNation, the trampoline centre, with a group of five friends, plus Eliza and her best friend.

The birthday week is over now, and his feet are back on the ground.


Back in the summer, on Father’s Day, Eliza presented me with a special cheque book, filled with vouchers. She reminded me recently that I hadn’t used them. I remembered today and tore out the ‘clean my shoes’ voucher. She looked irritated at my choice of timing, but when I came back from cricket practice this afternoon, my work boots were waiting at the front door, clean and shiny, with a note on them: “Happy?”


Gabe’s musical interests are diverging. On the one hand, there’s classical. On the other, he’s interested in indie music, preferring Radio X to Capital; on a third hand he’s consuming and performing the Beatles. Imagine is his favourite piano piece and gets played most days at a variety of tempos and sometimes with members of the family singing Lennon’s words at his shoulder.