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Shattered and blistered

The Easter holiday has involved copious amounts of physical activity. All three children have had six days at the cricket club multi-sports camp, playing through sun, wind, rain and hail.


For Robin, multi-sports has really meant hours and hours of football played with boys older than himself. ‘Mikey said I’m the best mini-kid at sports,’ Robin reported one of the teenage helpers telling him. At home, before and after camp hours, Robin has been in the garden with a football, practising keepy-uppies (personal best: 3) or playing with me and..


..Gabe in emotion-filled games. Usually laughter as they tackle and tangle trying to score against me; or Gabe trying to head crosses from me past Robin into the net. And then when Robin is too shattered to know when to stop, and Gabe too tired to know when not to tease him, an outburst of anger.

At the camp, Gabe has been putting in the hours in the cricket nets and lording it as one of the oldest there by winning tournaments.


More reluctantly, occasionally as the only girl, Eliza has been at multi-sports, too. She avoids the football and plays tennis, hockey, soft-ball cricket or rounders. Then after a day of outdoor activity, she has been going to gymnastics for two hours (twice per week), ending up exhilirated and exhausted. Her first experience of intense practice on the bar has blistered her hand – a mark of her serious intent.

Forced on top of this exercise was a walk near Wrexham. Eliza describes it in her holiday homework:

My holiday story

Monday 9th

On Monday of my Easter holidays I unfortunately me, my mum and dad and my two brothers went to Wales. This was only because my dad wanted to do a walk there. Well there was goats, lambs, alpacas that I really liked and pigs that I didn’t like so much. And thre was places to collect stones and pottery. But the best bit of it was deffinately walking across the 40m aquaduct which Gabe didn’t really want to go across. We had lunch there and went in the playground and altogether it proved me wrong about the unfortunately thing at the start.