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15 minute poet


Gabe knocked off the following poem for his homework in a little over 15 minutes under pressure of missing something on tv.

About Reflection:
Reflection means being quiet
and thinking about the past
Regretting when you told your mate
that your were really fast,
Remembering the day
that you won your first medal,
Telling mum and Dad
that you broke the piano pedal,
But most importantly of all
Reflection means,
Remembering those happy days
when you didn’t eat your greens!


For the past few weeks, Eliza’s pale, thin body has been dotted with moluscum – small warts. They’ve clustered at the tops of her legs and their itchiness can make her miserable. They are becoming redder, which may mean they’re about to subside.


Robin wore his new school shirt, shorts and shoes to pick up Gabe and Eliza from school on Friday – a few days before he starts in reception. He skipped down the road from the infant school, tripped and thudded his head on the pavement. A graze and a bump remain on his forehead.